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RL Grime's Sable Valley imprint releases its debut showcase via Jackal's 'Christ Person, Woman God'

RL Grime’s Sable Valley imprint releases its debut showcase Jackal’s ‘Christ Person, Woman God’

RL Grime launched his Sable Valley imprint earlier this year stemming from the release of his single “Arcus” featuring graves. Now, the new imprint released its first track separate from its creator: “Christ Person, Woman God” by Jackal. Comprised of rich texture and sparkling melodies, the song picks up and launches into a blast of glitching, cascading synths atop a trap backbone. Complex sound design that turns synths into percussion elements create a unique soundscape with heavy harmonies. In a press release, RL Grime noted that this track is an introduction to the kind of sound Sable Valley will be pushing going forward.

“Christ Person, Woman God” is in RL Grime’s live rotation, and according to him, the crowd reaction put this track on a pedestal and helped propel it as his new label’s premiere showcase. Along with the single, Sable Valley released the first edition to their mini-mix series, which will happen for every release on the imprint to introduce the song and the artist.

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