Rocko And Gucci Mane Squash Beef!

Rocko And Gucci Mane Squash Beef!

All isn’t bad in Atlanta. The Super Bowl may have temporarily downed the Chocolate City (Trump, we know you had a hand in this malarkey!), but there are some positive images coming out The A.

Rocko and Gucci Mane ended their long-running feud. And Gucci even posted it on his social media.

The beef goes back to 2013 when Gucci dissed Rocko, calling him a hoe and said he was scared. Let me tell you, Twitter is a MF. Anyway, that’s some old stuff and Gucci was probably very high. He went to jail a short period later.

Glad they worked it it out at Mike Vick’s retirement party, no less. Dope.

Thoughts on this pic, by the way?