Sandro Silva X AXMO – Heaven & Hell

Sandro Silva X AXMO – Heaven & Hell

• Third release from AXMO in Rave Culture • Two artists adeptly sharing their signature • Euphoric collaboration after festival …

• Third release from AXMO in Rave Culture
• Two artists adeptly sharing their signature
• Euphoric collaboration after festival hit, Rave Love

Almost a couple of months ago, the Rave Culture team decided to début themselves at the 808 Songkran Festival in Thailand. Among the talented roster included KEVU, Andrew Rayel, MORTEN and obviously the label-heads, W&W. Among this heavyweight of a listing, Dutch veteran Sandro Silva is fulfilling his promise with a dynamic beginning, “Heaven & Hell”. Joining forces with the proficient and uprising German duo AXMO, the pair have scored a third release on the imprint, after releasing the octane filled “The Mind” and “Rave Love” with W&W last year.

Premiered by Sandro Silva at Bangkok’s mentioned live performance, the ID garnered attention as it got heavily rotated on various other live-streams and virtual gigs. It was however confirmed as a synergy between the aliases after being played out by W&W on a DJ Mag live-set. This track is an anticipated sequel to “The Mind”, which can be deducted from the similar arrangements from its much liked predecessor. The vocal doesn’t thankfully belong to any sample library (and even if it is, the editing is spot-on) and brings in more flair to the theme of the production.

Onto the next step, the drop balances on a tightrope – playing energetically between the signature of both the parties involved. Sandro’s presence further adds to this, using the same details and tricks which made his previous collaborations a hit, such as “Omerta” (with SaberZ). The breakdown shines with an emotional atmosphere, which is then extended to the final round where the duo take the steering wheel and introduce a progressive and Trance-like arrangement, noticeable in their other creation like “The Mind”, supported with an bassline instead of a tonal low-end of the drum used in the earlier version. So, the mix-mash of aggressiveness and sentimental of Modern Trance and Big Room House makes this record more unique than usually expected, but definitely enjoyable.

Overall, this studio team-up is undoubtedly fruitful and enhances on the fact that the creators involved are gearing up for more vicious and show-stopping singles. There was mention of ongoing projects with renowned acts like KEVU, STVW and Olly James, which hopefully will be unveiled sooner. Until then, “Heaven & Hell” deserves more praise and admiration!

You can listen to “Heaven & Hell” here: