Sandro Silva x Willy William – Bollywood

Sandro Silva x Willy William – Bollywood

• Willy William’s unanticipated collaboration • Upbeat Dutch house mixture • Co-production from Trance act Bogdan Vix This month, Electro …

• Willy William’s unanticipated collaboration
• Upbeat Dutch house mixture
• Co-production from Trance act Bogdan Vix

This month, Electro House veteran Sandro Silva surprised the audience by revealing an unexpected single, “Bollywood”. Further adding to the unexpected is that Willy Williams is also in this project!

Talking about the artists, the mentioned French native has earned a great deal of reputation from placing himself on the trending charts, working with esteemed names such as David Guetta, Jason Derulo and J Balvin on the 2017’s all time pop hit, “Mi Gente”. As of recent, he happened to work along with his Dutch colleague SWACQ on “Loco”, which creatively infused Latino and Big Room House schematics together and got published on Spinnin’ Records.

Meanwhile, Sandro Silva has wrapped up over ten releases with major team-ups with W&W, Graham Bell, SaberZ and KEVU. His first solo on the imprint, “Ibiza 7AM” has received a sizeable amount of positive feedback and applause, thanks to the signature kick and dirty synth signature combinations. Working with a high-profile artist, the renowned artist has rightfully welcomed him to W&Ws ever-expanding roster of talents, Rave Culture.

“Bollywood”, from some viewpoints, is yet another game-changer for both the label and Sandro Silva himself. Giving homage to the vibrant South Asian culture which spans from its distinctive movies, dance and traditional foods, an ethnicity which the Dutch icon claims to be from. Having a love for this particular influence of the said cinematography, he crafted a production adorning the theme while putting a modernistic twist. Another interesting side fact that came up is from during the brainstorming sessions, as the Romanian act Bogdan Vix (known for his notable works on inHarmony Records), approached with his idea and forged a deal to join forces as well.

On the other hand, Willy William’s had also accepted to take over the vocal department, as he got intrigued by this idea, and his voice together with the hook and the synths, became an attention-grabber altogether. His part is introduced from the beginning, as he raps in French and English, right before the pre-drop vocal ushers in the main attraction of this number. This part contains a hybrid of both aggressive Dutch House and the Bubbling kick-drums, affirming the presence of the producers onboard during the creation process. On a side note, Bogdan Vix’s efforts further shines here even as a co-producer, adding more energy to the instrumental.

My admiration towards Sandro’s discography is ceaseless, and it would be perfect to see him unveil yet one another smashing joint-effort or even a solo before this year concludes. “Bollywood” captures the vibe it intended to, while remaining unique with its identity and dynamic nature!

You can listen to “Bollywood” here: