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Sara Landry releases Alt-8 collaboration ‘Heaven’

Sara Landry is releasing Heaven, a collaboration with Alt8 and the first single from her debut album due to take the Hard Techno scene by storm, on the artist’s very own HEKATE imprint. With the collab album coming this summer, Heaven is destined to be a summer anthem with its pulsating energy coursing through the air, and a crowd of thousands moving in sync to the infectious beat.

Spearheading the hard techno scene, California born Sara Landry is known for her captivating hair raising performances and innovative approach to music. Having been raised in Austin, Sara was surrounded by a rich musical heritage from an early age.

Influenced by the city’s diverse soundscape, she developed a deep appreciation for a wide range of musical genres, from jazz and blues to funk and electronic dance music. A self taught DJ, producer and sound engineer Sara’s trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable, selling out 10,000 capacity venues within minutes, streaming figures in the millions and championing a female presence in the techno scene.

Here’s what Sara Landry had to say:

“My next release on Hekate is a massive collab with my good friend and HEKATE regular Alt8. We did 3 days in the studio at the beginning of April, and during one of those sessions we felt like making a cute little summer banger, so we did.

‘Heaven’ came together in less than 3 hours and I’m happy to have it as my first single of 2024! This track is something really different for me. It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s sunshine-ready and there’s nothing else out there like this right now.” 

Sara Landry
Sara Landry – Heaven

With a passion for exploration and experimentation, Sara has carved out a unique niche and dedicated following due to her passion for creating a fully immersive and safe space for the audience to give themselves up to the music.

Along with her fanbase, Sara has been backed from artists including; 999999999, I Hate Models, Amelie Lens, Nico Moreno, SPFDJ, Shlømo, Cera Khin, DYEN among others. Often referred to as the high priestess of techno, Sara is also a talented producer, crafting original tracks predominantly released on her HEKATE imprint which has quickly become a leading force in the Hard Techno community.

Beyond her musical pursuits, Sara is known for her commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity within the electronic music community. She actively advocates for gender equality and representation, using her platform to elevate marginalised voices and create inclusive spaces.

Listen to the track below.

Watch the Sara Landry Boiler Room set below.

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