Sevenn & Moonshine ft. Røry – Say My Name

Sevenn & Moonshine ft. Røry – Say My Name

• Slap House from an American act, a rare occasion! • Mixture of emotional and club infused vibe • Elegant …

• Slap House from an American act, a rare occasion!
• Mixture of emotional and club infused vibe
• Elegant vocal from Roxanne Emery

With this year nearing its untimely dusk and every festival either postponed or cancelled, upcoming singles and new WIPs have found their new home: virtual DJ sets, which have aided in driving the industry on its own. Renowned veterans such as David Guetta, Laidback Luke, Afrojack and many more personages devoted a considerable amount of time playing livestream.

Likewise, Kevin Brauer or better recognised as Sevenn, did a live-set from a rooftop, where he revealed a handful of IDs and a grabby House collaboration titled “Say My Name” (published on Armada Music). A joint-effort along with the newly formed Swedish Duo Moonshine and English singer-songwriter, RØRY. Trance connoisseurs might know the latter popularly as the celebrated vocalist Roxanne Emery, who has voiced many uplifting belters. Leading this promising ensemble, Sevenn has a solid repertoire which made him the first US native to be signed in Brazilian Sony Music imprint. He has worked efficiently hand in hand with icons like Tiesto and Alok, grabbing the opportune to be on Spinnin’, Armada Music and Dim Mak.

Heading into today’s selection, the dreamy and attention absorbing vocal performance does a significant charm and seduction to the instrumental. Despite showing his loyalty to one particular genre for nearly four years, the Los Angeles based act has evolved skilfully to compose fresh tunes. Some might accuse Sevenn of deferring to the slightly more commercial variant of Slap House, it can be denied by one look at his discography. The other pair of creators, Moonshine, have shown a promising start with catchy Slap House renditions of vintage Electronic and Pop hits. Both of them establishing their specialty in this niche, the initial breakdown consists of the soaring reece bassline, creating the tension. Following this, bass synths typical of this style enter the scene, demonstrating the adeptly done mix-down (great coordination between the kick and low-end), continuing the alluring and sublime vibe with energy.

Even if the scene is engrossed hugely in this profitable and rather generic sect of House music, “Say My Name” does manage to distinguish itself and entertain. Sevenn has always delivered his promise, and it would be even satisfying to see him explore more Brazilian Bass influences with other reputed acts.

You can listen to “Say My Name” here: