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Shaman Durek Reveals Electrifying Remix EP To Debut Single “My House” ft. DJ Sneak, Blakkat & More

Shaman Durek has led a truly unique and remarkable career thus far. Being a 6th generation shaman, his teachings have impacted the masses, including Gwyneth Paltrow & Dave Asprey (Bulletproof Coffee). He’s also been inextricably tied to the rave scene for nearly 30 years, helping grow and promote parties from SF to NY, opening up others to experience the joy and excitement he gets from house music.

He recently made his debut with his jackin’ house single with Green Velvet Flair titled, “My House”. It’s a tribute to the classic underground house roots of Chicago and Detroit that keeps you on your feet the whole way through. It also invokes an old moniker of Durek’s – The Jack Instigator – a nickname granted by the DJs from his eccentricity when MCing at the parties he would throw, notorious for keeping the people dancing (and off the couches) all night long.

Dancing to music unlocks certain aspects of our consciousness. It offers this experience of love and connection, and also can give us the strength to forge through difficult times. I wanted to bring this feeling back in the spirit of The Jack Instigator. So, when you listen to “My House”, or when you come to my house, you better dance!” – Shaman Durek

He’s invited iconic artists to provide their own flips of the song in incredible fashion from the likes of DJ Sneak, Blakkat, Eric D Clark, and Single Cell Orchestra. Listening to these remixes, it’s impossible not to feel like you’re being transported back to the paradise garage, dancing and sweating it out to this beat of this captivating track.

“it was an absolute pleasure to write some music and remix Shaman’s energetic message about the place we call “House Music” – DJ Sneak

Listen below!

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