Street 808 – Stalkin’ (ft. Gee Smiff)

Street 808 – Stalkin’ (ft. Gee Smiff)

• Stunning vocal performance • Catchy production, pure trap tune • That drop… Why are my speakers on fire? Let …

• Stunning vocal performance
• Catchy production, pure trap tune
• That drop… Why are my speakers on fire?

Let us dive again into the radiant underground Spanish scene, as the native producers are unveiling very interesting results and most of them deserve a recognition which gets surpassed in the hubbub of the crowd in this industry. Street 808 are a great example of this scenario, however lately they have accumulated support from big names like SAYMYNAME (who specializes in Hard Trap), and this time they have presented a vigorous Trap banger named “Stalkin’ “ with the talented rapper Gee Smiff.

Getting into the production, Gee Smiff’s excellent work shines on this project as a crucial element, having a creative tone instead of repeating the same vocal as seen in this style. Street 808 took an advantage of this potential to carve a catchy tune, complemented with incredible beat-making. Must say, the noisy build-ups hides Gee’s voice and perhaps the mix-down could have given more loudness to his performance.

Starting with the drop. Totally devastating. I mean, just have a listen of that brutal melody and the screeching (but awesome) leads which makes it cut through the eardrums with its aggressive tone. Gee’s vocal shots are also used in this drop, another sign that quality work went into this segment. Unexpected and very enjoyable with a heavy drop approach. These guys are passionate, as their inspiration is obvious.

While the second riser is higher and muffled further of the mentioned vocalist’s presence, it is even more hulking and robust with a different pitched melody, turning this specific part a total delight for me. Hard Trap should have ingredients such as these, because this is probably one of the most dynamic songs I have ever heard.

Street 808 are maybe unknown to many, but their sheer hard-work has shown what they can hit their audience with, and hopefully in the coming time, will earn more reputation which will give them a larger platform to share their catalogue.

You can listen to “Stalkin’” here: