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Talking shop with multifaceted music shaman’s Pelvis

In the simplest terms, you’re either across Pelvis and have found yourself in warp drive on a dance floor curated by them or you’re likely about to make the quantum leap from by-stander to fan…. with the multifaceted leisure system coincidently playing our FREE party this weekend with Linda Margliano, ROOF, Nikki Newberry and more (RSVP here)!

The sometimes one, sometimes five-piece operate without the fist pumping and ‘broship’ and instead focus on expanding minds in dark dens while also pushing out slick apparel that compliments their output and style – one of the few who have consistently done well out of the exercise and a testament to their realistic approach consuming both tunes and threads.

In effort to blow the dust off of the sometimes opaque group we shot over some burning questions to get a little feel of the Melbourne stalwarts and what to expect this weekend for their infinity set in the dark bowels of Tokyo Sing Song.

SR: What got you into DJing?

P: Uncovering and listening to recordings of Hot Mix 5 on Chicago station WBMX, Daniele Baldelli and Beppe Loda in clubs like Baia and Typhoon, as well as photographs from the New York club night Area, where the space was completely transformed, every time with a different theme. For years we stirred each other up with ridiculous ideas for our own imaginary club night. These were finally realised when Jimmy & Hana at Goodgod Small Club allowed us to completely transform the place once a month for our own party, which we called Pelvis. The music was just as important as the space we created.

SR: Highlight of your career playing club shows/parties so far?

P: Throwing parties in Tokyo over the last few years with our friends CYK, DJ Nozaki and 1Drink. But ‘Pelvis Underwater’ was one we’ll never forget, stories are still surfacing from that night at Goodgod.

SR: Do you know much about Tokyo Sing Song? Any memories/experiences?

P: We hosted Trevor Jackson there last year and his set was every bit as wild as we’d hoped. Check out his NTS show!

SR: Whats coming up for you this year?

P: New releases on Pelvis Records, including a new volume in the DJ Tools series and a super exciting split release with Klasse Wrecks. Our clothing line A New Feeling has just dropped (suss here). And more parties around the globe!

So there you have it, onwards and upwards for Pelvis. Be sure to hit ‘play’ below for a warmer of things to come before RSVP’ing to our party this weekend with Triple J presenter and seasoned selector Linda Marigliano thanks to The Marly and 42 Below.

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