The Ambiguity of Timmy Trumpet

The Ambiguity of Timmy Trumpet

Today, I will analyze one of the leading Australian veterans around, Timmy Trumpet. Thanks to his 2014 hit “Freaks”, Timmy …

Today, I will analyze one of the leading Australian veterans around, Timmy Trumpet. Thanks to his 2014 hit “Freaks”, Timmy broke through into the mainstream scene, and in the consecutive years constantly kept a coveted position in the Melbourne Bounce niche with many underground releases. That’s when I was properly introduced to his work and enjoyed his bouncy arrangements with his adept trumpeter skill-set.

Personally, it is admirable that a producer upholds his signature trademark in almost every production, even if it’s a standard instrument. In addition, he seems to be an excellent live-performer, although my focus mostly remains towards his recording career.

In recent times, I had to raise my eyebrows when Timmy Trumpet ventured into various spectrums between Hardstyle, Big Room and even Progressive… he has apparently adopted the Romero/R3HAB motif and “quantity over quality” approach, somewhat losing his identity to compensate for a constant flux of streams, peaking at least of one release every ten days.

However, there is more than its meets the eye.

Sources close to him have told that even if he doesn’t work as much, but contrary to many other big-names, he actively participates in team-ups. Further, he follows the processes step-by-step by helping the participants, adding his own ideas and provide advices. Underground names such as Sub Zero Project or Starx have surprisingly made to his list of collaborators, who are evidently trying to introduce new ideas to the conventional scene. My struggle however, remains with his chaotic flow of partnerships, as his presence in the instrumentals are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

The only solution to this would be slowing down, and gather a foolproof strategy which would befit his discography the best. Having new songs on his latest label, he has moreover kept a hectic schedule by appearing on Dim Mak, STH, Spinnin’ Records and even Dharma as of last week. He’s ambiguous, as I still have to understand which direction Sinphony has headed towards. But his raw talent, passion for creativity, knowledge of the underground domain sprinkled with dash of unpredictability can assist the EDM scene to evolve, especially by revamping the Bounce and Hardstyle vibes for the masses.

My expectations remain, and hopefully, the potential artistical freedom brought by Sinphony could rectify his organization decisions about workflow, and being less dependent for monetary desires that are otherwise rampant in the industry today. Also, I wish to hear that trumpet more often!