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The Chainsmokers show off their pop sensibilities on new single, 'Do You Mean'

The Chainsmokers show off their pop sensibilities on new single, ‘Do You Mean’

The Chainsmokers embark on a lyrical search for sincerity in their new single, “Do You Mean.” Ty Dolla $ign and pop vocalist, bülow, hop on the track to help The Chainsmokers articulate the question that sits at the lyrical core of the song: “do you mean what you say?” The Chainsmokers’ resident singer, Drew Taggart once again lends his vocals to the production, rendering “Do You Mean” a collaborative affair when it comes to verses sung.

“Do You Mean” is the third single to hail from The Chainsmokers’ forthcoming album, World War Joy. The American DJ duo preceded “Do You Mean” with the 5 Seconds of Summer-assisted “Who Do You Love,” and more recently, “Kills You Slowly.” “Do You Mean” continues The Chainsmokers’ pensive, questioning, and generally confessional lyrical course, suggesting World War Joy to be an album deeply interested in introspection and interiority, as far as lyrics are concerned.

“Do You Mean” harnesses The Chainsmokers’ pop sensibilities: warm pop chords and an inviting, looping vocal hook outfit the single with some of the pop genre’s classic sonic accessories. The style of Ty Dolla $ign’s contribution further solidifies “Do You Mean” as a ponderous pop production. While Ty Dolla $ign seems always to move with dexterity between R&B and hip-hop productions, the artist’s distinctive crooning on “Do You Mean” bears none of the energetic verse spitting that frequently peppers his more hip-hop leaning numbers, like “Clout.”

In “Do You Mean,” listeners gain the tempered rasp of Ty Dolla $ign’s singing voice, in a pop context. The Chainsmokers tread the pop territory that has now long been familiar to them for quite some time now, and judging from the sound of “Do You Mean,” The Chainsmokers are not only acquainted with this sonic terrain–they navigate it with finesse.

Photo Credit: The Chainsmokers/Facebook

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