The Crazy Reality of GPF

The Crazy Reality of GPF

Hey x! Ladies and gentlefarks, welcome to the greaziest and sexiest article ever! In case you hadn’t noticed yet, we …

Hey x!

Ladies and gentlefarks, welcome to the greaziest and sexiest article ever! In case you hadn’t noticed yet, we are going to talk about the barmiest and most nonsensical music duo we have in the hardstyle (and let’s be honest, entire EDM world): Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz, also known as GPF. What started as an acid parody of the hard dance scene turned shortly into a worldwide mass phenomenon. With tens of thousands of followers, a loyal fanbase and support and recognition from some relevant hard dance artists and festivals, GPF are among the fastest-growing artists in recent times. Let’s analyze how they managed to do so.

GPF are an extremized, brutal parody of some of the common habits of the hard dance music scene. Do you like raw attacks on kicks? Sure, GPF can improve that! Let’s make a piep kick with a 69 decibel EQ bell!

Worried about the hypersexualization on the scene? No problem, GPF will give you loads of rubber penises, inflatable dolls and sexy half-naked hairy men! Wait, aren’t 150 BPM enough for you? Attention, greazy response… nine thousand BPM!

This absurd concept was very well received by the public, but… why?

GPF’s songs are not musically remarkable, emotional or even beautiful at all (sometimes are just an agglomerate of raw kicks), but they are funny.They target that niche of users that loves to play entertaining, surprising songs during social gatherings. Trust me, blasting their “Moana Remix” with a sudden switch between the “calm” Da Tweekaz melodic part and a noisy, brutal 200 BPM explosion of kicks is the typical activity to do with some drunk friends.

Sometimes, whether you are at a festival or at home, you just like to hear that track that automatically puts a big smile on your face, and every Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz track was created with care to do so. Come on, humour is also allowed on music! If you can handle their sense of humour, which can be borderline sometimes, GPF are that touch of craziness that is always needed in such a “serious” music scene!

I want to end this article mentioning the incredible marketing strategy behind Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz. They try to look crappy, but behind that shabby picture there’s a lot of professional work behind. Well-edited Instagram posts, professional music videos, remixes of popular tunes… Every single move seems to be carefully prepared, and I really love that combination of absurdity and seriousness, I think it’s one of the keys of their success. Let’s see if their popularity will continue rocketing in the next months!