The EDM Community Reacts to the News of Apex's Passing

The EDM Community Reacts to the News of Apex's Passing

The EDM Community Reacts to the News  Apex's Passing

The EDM Community Reacts to the News Apex’s Passing

Over the past few weeks, our world seems to be losing some the most iconic celebrities and musicians. Incredibly influential individuals such as the iconic Hugh Hefner, Tom Petty and now, the legendary drum and bass producer, Robert Dickeson – A.K.A. Apex. It’s with a heavy heart that we must continue to report on another tragic loss for the EDM community; although we must keep in mind that his legacy will live on forever.

Having been a prime staple in the dynamic drum and bass community for over a decade and contributing as the second half the group called Unknown Error, the English DJ will be remembered through his releases on Horizons, Hospital Records, Renegade Hardware, and much more.

Some may know him as his alias, Robert Oaks, as he released 4 outstanding tunes through the well-known Mau5trap label. Notably, his track gained great recognition through the airwaves as the controversial Deadmau5 played the song on his Radio 1 show as well as featuring it on his electric 2016 compilation.

Some these accomplishments were only a few examples his many projects – like establishing the Lifted Music label and creating another alias, Midnight Lamp. This would have been his final triumph and legacy as he released a debut album entitled Coming Home back in July this year.

As the news surfaces online, many producers and labels have been sharing their disbelief and fond memories the beloved artist.

It is with sincere sympathy that we would like to extend our deepest condolences to Robert Dickeson’s family and friends – not to mention the millions lives that his incredible pieces have touched. Rest in peace, Apex – you will be forever in our hearts.