The Frenetic Year of Blasterjaxx

The Frenetic Year of Blasterjaxx

After receiving sizeable number of requests to publish my opinions on the “Mystica Chapter 2”, it was during writing it …

After receiving sizeable number of requests to publish my opinions on the “Mystica Chapter 2”, it was during writing it that I realized about broadening the scope towards a more generic overview towards Blasterjaxx’s work this year. That is because I am mildly annoyed.

By principle, I despise artists who clearly shove out as much music as possible to gain those relevant streaming statistics and please the algorithms at play, especially in social media. Timmy Trumpet, R3HAB, Nicky Romero, MOTi have been brought up several times in my past writings: I simply prefer creative heads who actually put in the efforts instead of rushing unnecessarily.

In midst of all this, Blasterjaxx still remains an enigma: turning over an absurd amount of releases in 2021, the quality level was upheld on a medium-high note! 28 songs, one every 13 days or so, is an exaggerated figure and except for a couple of underwhelming singles like (“Body Talk” and “Golden”), I enjoyed most of them, with a plethora of reviews dedicated to their records during these last months.

Let’s see things from an objective POV, setting aside any passion for their usual genre of choice: while 30% of the releases follow the standard Big Room cadre that loses it charm overtime, many of the ideas where successful experiments, trekking across styles such as Hardstyle and Progressive House, rewarding deserved exposure to talents like Blackcode and Cuebrick. Their most recent team-up with the band Hollywood Undead even touches the Rock realm with an ingenuity! Further, their “Squid Game” rework, whilst revealed a few days later, showed great creativity!

So is it that the duo is devoting extra hours of dedication in the studio, or am I missing out on mentioning any helping hands here (maybe Husman?). This could explain the differences from their less-working colleagues.

Most of the times this strategy has culminated to low-quality results, yet Blasterjaxx (probably the lockdowns could be also the culprit here?) crafted a sensational amount of stellar EDM.

Could they be artists of the year for us?
Personally speaking here, though it’s a tough one.