The Past is the Present DJ Mix (Word is Bond Rap Radio) • Word Is Bond

The Past is the Present DJ Mix (Word is Bond Rap Radio) • Word Is Bond

It’s a Sons Boombap – heavy show today featuring tracks from the worldwide hip-hop collective.

Some these songs are featured on the first mixtape the collective dropped late last year entitled “The Past is the Present.” It is put together and mixed by Digital Junkie, G-Spot, and Chase March.

This show features the Chase March portion both sides the project that is now available as a double-disc download from Bandcamp.

Jukebox Verbal – Boom Blah
Ironic – Resurrection
MLNY ft Filthy Tarantino – Flashbacks
Xplicit – Castles on a Cloud
Sharky and Cable – #EVENIHATEUS
Age and Exit Only – Living Pro
Microphone Misfitz – Souls Rebelz Remix
Sharky, Oskeptical, Cable, and Substance – Takeover
Buck N Nice ft Dee – Real Ones
Sharky – Bacon Wrapped Sausages
Branded Moore – Not What I’m About
Cable and Sharky – Grumpy Old Men
Zoetic Minds – The Guard
Branded Moore – MC’S Act Like They Don’t Know
Notion – Really Real
Applied Science – F*%k You, Pay Me
The Mighty Rhino – Line Em Up
Gavlyn and DJ Hoppa – We On
Imperial – Hiatus

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