Thomas Jack – Rise Up – EDMTunes

Thomas Jack – Rise Up – EDMTunes

Thomas Jack - Rise Up - EDMTunes

Thomas Jack – Rise Up

It feels strange calling Thomas Jack a powerhouse when it comes to talking about his production. Not because he’s not deserving of the title, but more so because it seems too aggressive for such chilled out vibes. Jack has consistently delivered the tunes for our summer playlists so I’d say he’s more of a, “Giver of Vibes” than anything. Well whatever title you’d like to give him, he’s back with another chilled out summer tune, “Rise Up.” The track leans more towards house side of the tropical house producer’s style with a steady beat and an elevated flute melody that carries the vocals throughout. Said vocals are provided by British singer, Jasmine Thompson and provide a colorful and playful feel that will pull you right into the sunshine of your weekend. The combination of such chilled out vibes and beautiful lyrics are definitely a recipe for success and, lucky for us, these two have figured it out.  If you’re a fan (and you should be), you can support the track on iTunes and check out the stream below!

Thomas Jack – Rise Up|Download

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