Three Dubstep Picks for You!

Three Dubstep Picks for You!

Being a huge admirer of Dubstep, most of my month picks are dedicated to incredible tunes from this underground genre, …

Being a huge admirer of Dubstep, most of my month picks are dedicated to incredible tunes from this underground genre, and time could not be better for a three-in-one review, consisting of my latest preferences which came out in the last few days. This article is guaranteed to share great experiences to satisfy the exigencies of the most loyal bassheads. We have STUCA’s debut on Gud Vibrations, the best performer from the latest EP from 7EVEN in Disciple Round Table and finally a new up and coming talent from my native land Spain, LKTHS!

STUCA – Bust Thru

For avoiding any complexity in describing it, I have decided to review the radio edit for this tune. A minimalistic build-up (this is becoming somewhat of a trend lately which I like) that leads into an euphoric drop that is switching between two synths, as if boasting its dynamic capabilities. Unfortunately the melody remains repetitive but the inclusion of vocal chops and a fresh beat adds for a wonderful experience. The technical quality was already assured, as the producer involved has released his works in esteemed labels such as Never Say Die and Subsidia. You can’t go wrong with this one, that is guaranteed!

7EVEN – Faith

It is ironic how the briefest song turns out to be the one most delightful. As one said “happiness is best given in small doses”, 7EVEN has translated this motif into a production in a stunning way. Its fantastic hook and a brutal synth are an excellent adrenaline bomb I was searching for. The vocal shots are pleasant, with the second drop portion inspired heavily by Virtual Riot, exceeding my expectations by a mile! This record is another gem, forcing me to press repeat constantly.

LKTHS – Bloodborne

This Spanish talent grabbed my attention with his meticulousness. LKTHS delivers a drop that made me go completely haywire, albeit the predictable structure which does not become an issue whatsoever because its HUGE (yes, in capital letters) synths are enough to sideline its primary deficiencies. Robotic vocals and monolithic (but generic) snares serve as a ticket to a notable build-up segment, followed by a drop which trolls, as I anticipated the low-volume drop to play longer. If you reminisce of the earlier Disciple style, this is your answer!