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Tokyo Machine – Journey

• Highly-inspired from retro games
• Suprisingly relaxing, light-weighted belter
• Attention grabbing melody

Monstercat is a box full of surprises, an industrious label imprint that releases tracks for all the genres: Dubstep, Electro House, Hardstyle… From both established artists and new rising stars. Monstercat has thus set itself as an indelible icon. One established artist from the Canadian label is Tokyo Machine, as his style is obviously inspired from the Japanese video-game arcade culture, along with his unique takes. His new track is not an exception as well. Let’s see why this instrumental is far from a “Game Over”.

Tokyo Machine specialises in crafting songs with a video-game oriented signature, as majority of his works were featured on reputed games such as Beat Saber. It can be noticed during the first part of the song that it is perfectly composed as a catchy gaming theme. But nerd/gamer things apart, it is a splendid production, especially during the initial segments. I fell in love with the melodic hook, which is extremely energetic and modernistic. A pleasure for the auditory senses, this drop never fails to put a smile in your face! The section after this, obviously inspired commonly utilised Dubstep sounds, and then, a part which one can imagine a group of people trekking in a forest. Amazing work here!

In my opinion, Tokyo uses the same formula over and over, and then he usually innovates with some changes to avoid being repetitive, and this is not an exception. “Journey” is a top-notch work from the up and coming producer, if not his oeuvre. But of course, Tokyo took a High Score unfailingly!

You can listen to “Journey” here:

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