Two Girls Found Unconscious In DVBBS' Dressing Room, Here's What We Know

Two Girls Found Unconscious In DVBBS' Dressing Room, Here's What We Know

In a developing story, it is being reported that two women were found unconscious in the dressing room belonging to DVBBS on Saturday night, following their performance at Balaton Sound music festival in Hungary.

According to the (very) rough translation from BORS Online, it appears that the two women were front row for DVBBS’ performance, and were called onstage and subsequently taken back to the green room. After DVBBS were already en route to another performance in Budapest, the women were found unconscious in the green room. Paramedics were called to the scene. The condition of the women has not been disclosed.

BORS reports that a mother of one of the women, minutes after learning about the situation, filed a police report.

Another site, Index, claims to have a quote from DVBBS, though it was translated to Hungarian and back to English again, so it’s very rough:

We are shocked that few visitors of the festival has been victim of some events that they were hospitalIzed. Police asked for our cooperation for the investigation and we helped in everything we could. police confirmed that there’s no connection between us and the events. That’s why we headed to Ibiza to our next gig. Nevertheless there’s a marijuana-related case, we are happy to answer to these prosecutions and willing to help the police to solve the case.

Mentally we are with the victims and their families.

Alex and Chris (DVBSS) [sic]

The situation is still developing as more information is being released; we’ve reached out to DVBBS’ team for comment and have not heard back at time of publication. If you have any information regarding this incident, please reach out to us at


via BORS Online | Photo Source

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