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Ultra Officially Cancels 2021 Event, Adds New Perks For 2022

Ultra Music Festival, if it were to occur in 2021, would have happened just over a month from now. Of course, we all knew it wasn’t happening, so when Ultra Miami officially sent out its cancellation email, there was less shock and awe and more, “ok, let’s see what they actually have to say about it.”

After the basic “this is due to COVID; we’re disappointed; we can’t wait to have you back” language, they introduce a new offering called “Premium General Admission.”

“Current GA ticket holders can upgrade to Premium General Admission at no additional cost and with no additional purchase required.”

This sounds a lot like Syndrome from The Incredibles giving his, “With everyone super, no one will be” monologue.

“Premium General Admission” includes a dedicated festival entry (which will essentially be no different than regular GA if everyone upgrades), access to “enhanced, routinely cleaned, air-conditioned restroom facilities with private stalls (again, same issue as above), and the “PGA Lounge” with a “relaxation area and bar.”

Ultra 2022 will also open an hour early with a festival headliner, which just seems like Ultra wants you there early to spend more money.

It’s likely that Ultra is in dire financial straits, given that it was one of the first festivals cancelled due to COVID and has not held any live streams or any sort of public events outside of its international events to help recoup lost money. Now entering its second year without an event, the 2022 event is vital to the longevity of one of EDM’s biggest festivals.


Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Ultra Music Festival

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