Ummet Ozcan x Faustix – Angry Kids

Ummet Ozcan x Faustix – Angry Kids

• “Blah Blah Blah” with a different vocal • Lazy collaboration from artists who clearly have expertise in Psy-trance • …

• “Blah Blah Blah” with a different vocal
• Lazy collaboration from artists who clearly have expertise in Psy-trance
• Somewhat elegant breakdown, presenting orchestral elements

Ummet Ozcan has unfortunately landed himself again in midst of this little rant, but I am done and tired of these lazy Spinnin’ Releases. I have nothing against the Turkish veteran, nor with Faustix, as both are clearly well-versed in Psy-Trance.

Slap House is trending, yes. The paramount number of lazy reworks is appalling to witness, and slowly becoming the new norm: thanks to easier cover-licensing process in the recent days. It’s a standard behaviour in the industry, one of milking a trending genre to its eventual death. It happened with Psy-Trance, Future Bass, Big Room and list goes on…

Speaking about milking Psy-Trance to its non-existence, that’s where “Angry Kids” come into. It has chosen to be present in a wrong time period, almost years late. It has been quite some time since Armin van Buuren’s charting hit “Blah Blah Blah” took the scene like a storm, and eventually this style faded away. However, the string of copycats are still looking for opportunities.

To describe “Angry Kids”, it would be best to call it a repackaged version of “Blah Blah Blah” minus the originality. The bassline is, possibly even more dilute and the breakdown, the only place where the creators made some efforts, and has a glimmer with orchestral elements. I usually prefer this kind of arrangements, but this one felt oddly contrary and forced into an childish and bouncier atmosphere. Definitely not elegant or solemn at all.

In conclusion, “Angry Kids” is another forgettable song, a prime example of how a certain style can be made mundane to the extent that it loses any charm. It’s a pity, considering Faustix has expertise in the mentioned genre, as I binge listened to “OMG it’s lit vol.3”. And guess what? It is full of powerful Psy-Trance releases which supersedes today’s highlight. And Ozcan, well he’s a leading personage with great proficiency at audio-production, and he was once a huge up and coming act in the Trance scene. They could have easily chosen to do something interesting, but it seems the amount of streams has got more relevance than actual quality.

You can listen to “Angry Kids” here: