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‘UNIVERSE,’ the debut album from Moore Kismet, is finally out now [LISTEN]

Since I first saw Moore Kismet perform live back in 2019, I’ve believed the young star was destined for greatness. There was a sense of genuineness in their demeanor and approach to the craft that I felt had been sorely missing at the time; now, three years later, I’m happy to listen to their debut album, UNIVERSE, and reaffirm that initial intuition.

Though eleven of the seventeen album tracks were previously released as singles, and three serve as prologue, interlude, and epilogue, it’s still best to hear an album as it was meant to be presented — as a package. You can get the tracklist of an album early and put all the singles in order, but it’s never the same as listening as how the artist intended. With UNIVERSE, you get a complete and bare look into Moore Kismet’s creative mind especially as it has expanded and grown over the past three years.

The album has been in some sort of state for at least that long, with the first single, “Rumor,” having been released over a year ago. With the exponential growth of Moore Kismet’s career, fans at almost all levels have been able to grow and see the process unfold with them over time, something that rarely gets to happen so ubiquitously.

“’UNIVERSE’ is a musical culmination of my life experiences, growth as a human being, and artist over the past 17 years of my life. For 5 years (2018-2022), I spent countless days and sleepless nights working on what I would consider to be the best Moore Kismet project to date. It’s an album about acceptance, love, chaos, unity, and figuring out your life while trying to live it. If there was any project I’ve ever made for this project that serves as the best retelling of my life, ‘UNIVERSE’ is that album.” – Moore Kismet

UNIVERSE, the debut album from Moore Kismet, is out now. Listen below.

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