Warren & Martyn – Through The Fire

Warren & Martyn – Through The Fire

• Catchy and vivid performance • Lesser experimentation, polished tonality • Notable resemblances in the hook and structure Even after …

• Catchy and vivid performance
• Lesser experimentation, polished tonality
• Notable resemblances in the hook and structure

Even after the recent poll we conducted stating our displeasure in the lack of variety shown by the renowned imprint of Revealed Recordings, there are talented personalities whose appearance in the label often let us make a healthy exception. Such is the case here, as Warren, an uprising Progressive House act has made his return on Radar community. Along with him, Martyn has joined hands on this particular occasion, a new name for us altogether. Boldly titled as “Through The Fire”, let us take this opportunity to dissect whether this single has enough octane to aid the pyrotechnics efficiently.

Becoming a recurring figure at our blog for some time, Dublin based DJ/Producer Warren made his classy breakthrough over a year ago, when he was included in the ADE Sampler for the Dutch label. His specialty lies at creating the idealistic mainstage adaption of Progressive House, and it is safe to say that his output has been a solid evidence of that. Formerly, we talked about his preceding single “Eyes Wide Open”, and one thing to be noted from this article is a discernible (and coincidental) similarity that was shared by the melody.

Hailing from Singapore, Martyn made his mark on the industry (as far I can figure out from his SoundCloud profile) over six months ago, but even as a newcomer, I won’t be surprised if he has a better history in audio production. The bootlegs uploaded on the page draws a parallel with mentioned Irish collaborator, having more or less similar style of trademarks. But I would re-iterate again, this individual has sufficient skillset to engineer a showstopper.

Back to the instrumental.

Here on out, we will be candid that this song has DubVision-ish atmosphere and feels all over it. Nothing of a deal-breaker, but rather appreciable and always welcomed among listeners. It starts with shimmering Electro chords with an unknown but alluring male vocal performer at the steering wheel. Scaling up without overwhelming much, the drop segment sweeps in with the massive super-saws and rolling bassline, a sweet combination one cannot entirely deny. Catchy cadence along with this ensemble grabs a lot of attention easily, despite operating whole-heartedly with the standards and guidelines this style of music demands. Nevertheless, I couldn’t shake off my feeling that this synth riff has a counterpart, dare I should even nominate it one considering coincidences occur all the time while preferring chord-progressions utilized many times. After some browsing, a YouTube comment confirmed my suspicion that Martin Garrix’s unofficial rendition of Lewis Capaldi’s major hit “Someone You Loved” has an uncanny resemblance. It is not severe, but worth-mentioning to the extent that it might have served as an inspiration for the producers involved on this project.

“Through The Fire” meets the demands a fan of this genre could ask for, without compensating on the quality or vividness requisite for performance. But it doesn’t take risks, which could be subjectively thought about on whether it is a pro or a con. For me, it has the necessary characteristics that makes it worthy and capable enough to be published by Revealed Radar, and the artists have demonstrated their potent in the scene with this perfect job.

You can listen to “Through The Fire” here: