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We chat to Revolvers longest running resident DJ

While clubs welcome international guests most every weekend (who always do a pretty special job), sometimes it’s the locals that keep a place moving either opening floors or closing them in the early hours.

Well, with one renowned club such as Melbourne’s slightly notorious jaunt Revolver (upstairs) comes a renowned resident DJ who has been holding the fort for close to 18 years – a record in Victoria, if not Australia if we say so ourselves.

His name is Boogs and he is a critically acclaimed selector that has forged his skills minute by minute planted behind firmly the decks at all hours and all spots around Australia including his known 3-hour sets and 7am residency at Revolver.

As you’d expect from someone who lets his mixing do the talking not a whole lot is known about the individual with more stamina than a newly minter 18-year old clubber.

So in an effort to peel back some of the layers Boogs was hit with some quick fire questions;

SR: Where did you get the name Boogs from?
A: From the game Boogle when i was about 4 years old.

SR:: How did your music journey start?
A: Recording tracks onto cassette tape off the radio when i was about 7 or 8 years old Then got an after school job at 12 so i could buy hip hop records.

SR:: Where and when was your first gig?
A: A Saturday night at The Lounge in 1996 (Thanks Ransom)

SR: How long have you been DJing?
B: See above

SR: How big is your vinyl/record collection?
B: Somewhere around 100 crates

SR:: Do you make productions/remixes that you never release and keep exclusive to your sets?
B: Yeah i have a few re-edits that i have done and a few that friends have given me.

SR: Do you still go record shopping?
B: Still buy a bit of vinyl online but don’t hit the stores much anymore.

SR: What’s the longest set you’ve ever played?
B: Did 21 hours on my 10th anniversary of Revolver Sundays (half of that was vs with other dj”s)

SR: Best party you’ve played at?
B: The 10th anniversary would have to come close

SR: Do the venue (crowd) you play at affect your playlist?
B: Yeah crowd and venue can affect how i play,  but also what the dj before me is playing can change the way i would play.

SR: Do you preplan your sets or just make it up as you go?
B: Majority of the time i make it up as i go, i definitely have tracks i know I’m going to play but the set as a whole isn’t preplanned.

SR: How much time do you spend looking for music each week and where?
B: It depends on the week, most of the time i use Beatport, Traxxsource, Juno sometimes i will go back through my hard drives and find stuff i have forgotten about.

Q: What is your favourite thing about DJing?
A: Getting to play music for a living!!

SR: Where is your favourite place to play and why?
A: I would have to say Revolver because i have been playing there so long it feels like home.

SR: What’s been your most memorable Rainbow set?
A: Every set i have played at Rainbow has been extremely memorable for me but probably the first time i played there which was also the first time i had been there is up there. DJing it’s Revolver

SR: How long have you been playing 7-10 Sunday mornings at Revolver?
B: Since 2001 so 18 years.

SR: What’s it like waking up early every Sunday for work?
A: Some weeks it sucks getting out of bed so early but as soon as i get there its easy to get in the zone to play.

SR: Biggest inspirations in regards to DJs old and current?
B: My biggest influences when i started Djing were Ransom, J’Nett and Voiteck, also the first time i saw Derrick Carter play when i was in Chicago changed my perception of what a dj is.

The good news is, Boogs has linked up with long time legends Thick As Thieves to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Along with hosting Patrick Topping and Patrice Baumel they’ll be throwing a party with Rubuke and Boogs this weekend!

Want to get in the right mode for this one? Dive into Boogs’ 2-hour set from last years Rainbow Serpent if you know what’s good for ya.

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