Weekly Roundup XVI (feat. Alesso, Dom Dolla and many more!)

Weekly Roundup XVI (feat. Alesso, Dom Dolla and many more!)

Humour me this: What rhymes with new music and friday? Well, don’t ask me, but stars like Alesso, Dom Dolla …

Humour me this: What rhymes with new music and friday? Well, don’t ask me, but stars like Alesso, Dom Dolla and furthermore are warming up this eighteenth. Nothing much left to say, so best to get into what you’re here for – the roundup!

Alesso – Somebody To Use (Toxic Mix)

Striking balance with his latest release “Somebody To Use”, Swedish dance music icon has sweetened the deal with a “Toxic Mix”: this version provides for an entertaining festival/club interpretation to the originally pop-based single.

Gritty electro/groove house synths takeover here, recognizable from Alesso’s Progresso volume. The midway breakdown enchants with the delicate vocal, finally giving away to the synth riffs. Plenty material, a good decision taken!

Kavinsky, Cautious Clay – Renegade

Shattering years of waiting, the fictional Kavinsky has smashed back into the scene with “Renegade” (featuring Cautious Clay) – an homage to prototype post-disco electro pop/funk that best captures the French producer’s love for those swanky decades.

A slowed down, earthy groove ensues with a charming vocal from Brooklyn based singer. The “Nightcall” creator doesn’t usually go for funkier rhythms, as the main chorus opens up for chiming synths preceded by a playful gliding lead and accompanied to synthesized bass licks.

Hands down the coolest zombie out there!

Zonderling – Verwarring

Dutch electronic pair Zonderling have been modestly putting out creative efforts out since their days in Hexagon, and “Verwarring” says much about how much they have come farther without losing their special and futuristic touch.

Emphasizing on the ambience and slower pacing, this STMPD release introduces to an equally lively female vocals, but get this: the drop relies on a delicate version of the wobble synth renowned as the duo’s signature, fitting just as nicely. It’s deep/future house without resorting to clichéd sound-designing; can’t recommend enough!

Dom Dolla, Mansionair – Strangers

Dom Dolla and Mansionair – both aren’t strangers to making hit songs and being admired in the industry. The former known for tech house grooves opted for something more melodic, suiting into the alternative electronica sound of the latter.

The Australian artists settled for a four by four pattern, traceable to Dom Dolla’s approach while offering a sweet ensemble of vocals from Mansionair. Beauty of all this? It doesn’t fixate on one style, rather gorgeously to-and-fro between them.

Tujamo, PBH & Jack – Nasty
It’s nasty bro/100

The German hit maker collaborated with PBH & Jack to bring back his expected ensemble of metallic and brassy electro house. The structuring is simple here: a hyping vocal snippet, rave-chords and then the awaited drop synths.

While not entirely creatively unpredictable, the formula works most often since Tujamo is well-versed to it.

Justin Prime, Olly James – The Light

British Raveroom proponent Olly James struck a deal with Justin Prime, the outcome of which is “The Light”, out on Nexchapter (founded by the Dutch artist).

The melody leads an uncomplicated pattern, but made up by the faster BPM. Had it been slower, it wouldn’t have the same effect. Sonorous synths create ruckus in the drop segment, although not being entirely free of being predictable. As said before, it doesn’t deviate further from the unusual rhythm and structure. Good enough for festivals, I suppose.