Weekly Roundup XX (with No Beef Remixes *again*, TV Noise, Mark Sixma, Nicky Romero…)

Weekly Roundup XX (with No Beef Remixes *again*, TV Noise, Mark Sixma, Nicky Romero…)

Artists are taking great strides towards opening this year with the most bang: the return of TV Noise, Mark Sixma, …

Artists are taking great strides towards opening this year with the most bang: the return of TV Noise, Mark Sixma, Nicky Romero and more are covered in this twentieth rendition of Weekly Roundup!

Afrojack, Steve Aoki – No Beef (ft. Miss Palmer) (Remixes Pt.1)
It’s beefy/100

EDM was a different place altogether when “No Beef”, an all-in-fun and wacky Dirty Dutch House classic was released. The original still holds its weight, yet this first anniversary remix pack speaks volumes on how much these eleven years have brought alterations in the dance music tastes and preferences. Please note that this is my different point of view compared to the review already published by my teammate.

Goodboys inaugurate the compilation with a deep house treatment, which is followed by the “11 years later” VIP edit from Steve Aoki – ironically being a Tech House rework. Talk about a missed opportunity eh? Then, LUM!X fastens the BPM rate and heats up the floor with a psy-trance remix, taken over by a monstrous (and my favourite out of the bunch) dubstep spin by Riot Ten and Crankdat.

Who shall we see in pt.2 (if it happens) then? Maybe a smashing one from Afrojack himself? Time will tell, but this initial package certainly packs a punch.

Nicky Romero, GATTÜSO – Afterglow (ft. Jared Lee)

Fan favourite ID turned official release “Afterglow” marks a progressive beginning from the Protocol label-head Nicky Romero, who originally premiered the song over two years back. A metric tonne of speculations and waiting later, this surprising collaboration from GATTÜSO and vocalist Jared Lee has come to be.

In true delicate and delectable fashion, the vocals are soaked in a rich ambience featuring softer pianos and guitars. The drop arrives with signature and plucky electro synths of Romero, the protagonists of this show. Although, I couldn’t make much sense of the other New York based artist’s involvement here, since this could very well pass off as a single.

That aside, this track is an ear-candy reminding of the festival-ready music that Nicky Romero has built his reputation on.

Mr. BLACK, Mark Sixma – Shine

In an unexpected entrée from Armada music’s icon Mark Sixma into Revealed Recordings caught my eye, even better, his collaboration with Mr. BLACK.

A merge of thumping psy-trance framework (or bounce?) influences occurs with subtle trance-y hooks, turning “Shine” into a pleasant ride! Hands-up/Eurodance aesthetics are imparted from the male vocal, not to forget the atmospheric breakdown that accompanies later. M6 and HYBIT know their stuff, for sure!

TV Noise – Astral

Holding a silence for nearly over two years, the Dutch pair TV Noise are apparently back to create more ruckus through their STMPD releases.

“Astral” doesn’t deviate away from their familiar soundset – sharp and ghetto electro/bass house trademark, tuned to the unmistakable sound of Garrix’s imprint. Not the most ingenious efforts if I have to remark sincerly, yet judging from their records, the duo are probably warming up for another fiesty year.

Blasterjaxx – Burn It To The Ground (ft. Jay Mason)

Not letting the bluest month of the year take toll on their schedule, Big Room pioneers Blasterjaxx continue on course with their hectic release pattern.

In their old-school ways as usual, “Burn It To The Ground” offers a dual drop design, on which the first (and the only recurring one) is melodic, yet not the most hard-hitter as the one right after, which fits the needed aggressive and dynamic mood.

Not the strongest start from them in 2022, but the Maxximize owners are known to keep a trick or two up their sleeves.

warner case, Tapiwa – you’re like a dream

Staying fresh and funky is an agenda that the US-based act warner case applies meticulously. “you’re like a dream” is a robust opener from the newcomer Tapiwa and the mentioned avant-garde producer/cat-enthusiast.

Four-by-four danceable cadence? Check.
Minimal and slick? Check.
Charming vocals from warner? Check!

This production excels with the utmost efficiency in its lively and percussive tech groove. Will go perfect with your steaming cup of coffee in the morning!