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What So Not perseveres through concussion at Ubbi Dubbi with full set

It’s not often one hears of an artist putting on a full on performance with a concussion—let alone centered around loud, powerful bass that might even add to the damage. What So Not has accomplished this feat, however, in a stunning display of perseverance at Ubbi Dubbi festival. The producer realized he’d had a concussion not long after he began his set, according to his account of the incident, when he suddenly found himself feeling confused and unable to figure out how to select tracks he’d wanted to play next. This unfolded shortly after he’d hit his head on a low hanging beam prior to climbing onto the stage.

Despite his frustrating injury and almost giving up entirely on the set, What So Not managed to pull it together and finish his performance. Fans might not have even noticed anything was off, according to commentary around his set. He’s since cleared his head after resting and icing it after his set. We wish What So Not well in his full recovery.

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Yesterday was one of the harder sets of my life. . I smacked my head on a low hanging LED wall climbing on stage. It immediately put me to the floor, but I didn’t realize anything was that serious until moments later I couldn’t figure out how to select what to play. . We worked out pretty quick I’d concussed myself, but decided id deal with it after the set. . It was a bazaar experience. Despite jumping around & smiling through it, I almost sat down & just gave up a couple times. . Took a minute to sit & chill & ice my head once I was done. Was still a little confused for a few hours but eventually cleared up. . Sorry to anyone at @ubbidubbifest if the show was a little off? I think it was alright, but can’t remember it too well ha.. . All is good & well today. Still an amazing weekend of shows. See u all soon 💙 . @ubbidubbifest @rukes @ohdagyo

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Photo credit: Rukes

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