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WHOiSEE Presents Dubstep with a Demonic Glee on Demon Hour

Insane Bass Ballistics pound through WHOiSEE’s Demon Hour. The sheer heaviness of the sound itself does more than raise the roof; it smashes it into shards. Everything within the atmosphere has a colossal physicality. A geometric take on dubstep with each drop, the song constantly shifts in terms of its angle. Lots of the work comes through with its multilayered hybrid leanings. One of those tracks that celebrate the
escapist that good EDM and dubstep ought to bring to the audience, it is pretty easy to get lost in the countless patterns that race past.

For all the chaos of the song, there is something intricately controlled about the tempo itself. The song knows when to go hard and when to pull back. Inherently ridiculously catchy, this is dubstep with all the joyous distortion the genre deserves. Yet he manages to take the template and tweak it in his particular fashion. While it may seem a bit on the freewheeling side, it has a structure. The evolution of the enormous groove occurs, and he does it a tremendous justice. This sort of thing was made for music festivals, as it has this sense of community, a new take off the Peace Love Unity Respect mantra, in a completely original fashion.

WHOiSEE incorporates a wry sense of humor alongside the enormity of each beat on the sheer bombastic nature of “Demon Hour.”

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