Xavi – Neverless

Xavi – Neverless

• Sweet, delicate composition • Synergy between Future Bass and Melodic Dubstep • An album is on the way! My …

• Sweet, delicate composition
• Synergy between Future Bass and Melodic Dubstep
• An album is on the way!

My first contact with Xavi was on the latest “Advent”, a small recompilation of tracks created by various underrated names and his tune “Breaking Your Void” captivated me. Coincidentally, he is also happening to release an album on Ophelia, a favourite bass imprint of mine. EDM albums are a rarity and it is always a pleasure to hear one. As an appetizer to the grandiose platter arriving ahead, showing his potential and versatility on proving why he deserves to be an inclusion in Seven Lion’s esteemed imprint.

If you are expecting a neck-breaking instrumental, then this is not it. Ophelia is first and foremost a melodic Dubstep, its releases are delicate compositions with atmospheric and emotional drops. Xavi is heavily inspired from Illenium’s Future Bass, along with a personal twist that includes a sweet vocal that enlivens the entire track. The lyrics are splendid and heart-warming, an uncommon feature in most records nowadays.

Like the other segments, the drop remains delightful with a softer build-up to a sentimental melody (most reminiscent of Porter Robinson’s style). The fantasy sounds are a detail that I fell in love with. The bassline is incredible in itself, and instrumental in striking the mood which is best experienced when listened.

Whether it is real or my imagination, I admire how the tune turns into an euphoric tune when the hook reaches its apex, as the build-up assists a lot with huge snares and the other mentioned elements. It can easily make you cry if you’re stirred by this idea.

Now that I am “relaxed”, this is not a generic festival banger or funky song. “Neverless” is something to listen to while you’re alone adoring the sunset or having a good time in general. it is a track to contemplate and ponder and experience a sensation that could be unique for you. Thanks to Xavi for manufacturing such a commendable gem, it definitely vouches for the greatness the upcoming album beholds.

You can listen to “Neverless” here: