Yeti Tears – Into The Impossible

Yeti Tears – Into The Impossible

• Mellow and charming presence • Minimal, yet intriguing till end • Memorable ambience A few days back, we asked …

• Mellow and charming presence
• Minimal, yet intriguing till end
• Memorable ambience

A few days back, we asked our community on which song would they prefer us to talk about and a sheer number of individuals mentioned of this track. Upon further inspection, I understand now. Up and coming music producer Yeti Tears has managed to put together a mellow yet delightful creation, and there’s an irresistible charm radiant throughout. “Into The Impossible” has a soothing narrative worth listening to without overwhelming complexities.

Honesty is appreciated long ways, so I will conduct myself candid. I didn’t knew about Yeti Tears until yesterday. And summarizing his discography would be a blatant injustice within twenty-four hours of acquaintance. Impressed would be an understatement, as this talented Atlanta resident has configured a precise method of crafting soulful atmospheres, despite having minimal architecture throughout all his works. Opulent and harmonic, his signature lies in the magic of simplicity. From a more technical viewpoint, I found said catalogue of music (even today’s highlight) basing itself on deeper and melodic House akin to ones released on the label of This Never Happened. Although centering on this genre, he has done other projects such as a cinematic score (“Payphone Payoff”) which are equally intriguing to listen.

Heading back to the aforementioned production, it begins delicately, weaving your attention entirely towards its setting. Nothing sets mood like tender piano notes playing out, while a faded out arp comes in from the backdrop. Added to this is the sublime pad synth, which reminded me of the chiming retro lo-fi ones. Taking it further with a rich sub low-end, the kick and other percussion enter the stage without disturbing the vibe. Different lead elements materialize gracefully to keep it variating and progressing towards its conclusion. In this five-minute orchestration, the most notable and distinct feature is the hypnagogic and bittersweet ambience which breathes life into the composition. Before you know, the record has reached its conclusion, leaving a lingering thought of having to rewind this experience again. As you repeat it, there is a growing admiration towards this song and its contents.

“Into The Impossible” branches out of the typical anticipations, moving on its own elegant and dreamy pace. Whether one is stressed or looking at a serene sunset, this is a track to tune into, zone out and appreciate its surreal texture.

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