YVO – Sky On Fire (ft. Aleesia)

YVO – Sky On Fire (ft. Aleesia)

• Remember Aleesia from Gold Skies (2014)? • Simplistic arrangements with a fantastic guitar • Relaxing vibe that gets easily …

• Remember Aleesia from Gold Skies (2014)?
• Simplistic arrangements with a fantastic guitar
• Relaxing vibe that gets easily addictive

In all honesty, I rarely listen to Tropical House because of my preferences towards listening aggressive sounding songs. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to get out from my usual likes and dislikes, let’s say after a hectic week and to find something different to write about. Tropical House, despite having its extremely narrow and specific boundaries, is an interesting alternative to the infinite flow of Slap or Progressive House.

Not the best introduction perhaps, but let’s get to the point: I found this gem just because of a weird combination of boredom and a familiar name, Aleesia. The vocalist is best known for featuring in “Gold Skies”, an evergreen hit from 2014 by Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix and DVBBS (lol). Strangely, I didn’t see any other notable singles where Aleesia was present lately, but after listening to “Sky On Fire”… the experience was serene!

I am afraid that the simplistic stripped back structure wouldn’t fetch a detailed description beyond the need: Aleesia shows her adept songwriting, basing her lyricism centred to a sundown vibe at beach, and YVO weaves a warming instrumental which plays along with a guitar riff and the requisite percussion set of kick and hi-hats. It reminded me somewhat of the tonal trademark of “The Bearded Man” (an sub-imprint of Armada music, now defunct) and Robin Schulz’s works. Maybe this were the sources which served as inspiration for the creators involved on this project. Even if it lasts around 2 minutes and 21 seconds, the track does it magic and hooks to your mind!

Having started this particular alias about a month ago, YVO has a few strong releases on his résumé already. They have been constructed with equivalent technical precision and quality, and I would recommend “Home” if you happen to be craving for more relaxing productions like today’s highlight.

My final verdict on “Sky On Fire” would be that it entertains with its easy-going atmosphere, and for once its short-duration compensates repetitiveness, which would be annoying. YVO has made a splendid record, with a surprisingly satisfying performance from Aleesia. Summer might be over, but this is a pleasant companion for long and dreary winter nights.

You can listen to “Sky On Fire” here: