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Zomboy Inaugurates His Newly-Launched Label With First EP, “Dead Man Walking Pt. 1”

Discovering Zomboy’s Never Say Die EPs a whole decade ago was one of the major catalysts in getting me into dubstep. Both Game Time and The Dead Symphonic were brilliant works with tons and tons of replay value and pretty much made Zomboy a household name in the genre. Of course, Never Say Die is now closed — but Zomboy is launching his own label: Rott N’ Roll Records.

Dead Man Walking Pt. 1 is out today from Zomboy, inaugurating the label with its first EP, and it feels a lot like a return to the magic of those first EPs. “‘Dead Man Walking Pt.1’ has so many levels of meaning to me. While it may be short, I feel the attention to detail is some of my best to date,” he said of the release.

And if the format of the EP feels familiar, there’s a reason for that, too.

“Nothing helps me write music more than creating a big theoretical concept to work towards,” Zomboy says. “In my head there is a deep underlying truth in this record, but for the sake of explanation… ‘Dead Man Walking Pt.1’ is the story of a man returning to a civilization he had once abandoned after helping them defeat a common enemy (Rott N’ Roll Pt. 1 & 2).

“If that goes over your head I don’t blame you, the stories are for me, the music is for you.”

Listen to Dead Man Walking Pt. 1 below, including new collaborations with Micah Martin and MUST DIE!


Photo via Jake West Photo

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