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Aloe Blacc and 'SOS' co-producers talk about the backstory of the track

New video featuring Avicii’s ‘SOS’ co-producers and Aloe Blacc give fans insight into the story of the song

Avicii‘s first posthumous release is now out. “SOS” has been more than worth the anticipation around it. Kristoffer Fogelmark and Albin Nedler, co-producers and co-songwriters of the release “SOS,” give fans the story behind the song in a new Youtube video posted on Avicii’s channel. Both Nedler and Fogelmark previously worked with the artist, whose real name is Tim Bergling, on hit release”Pure Grinding.”

Fogelmark and Nedler spend the first part of the video reminiscing on Bergling as a person, and the different traits that made him so good at what he did in the studio. Notorious for his intense attention to detail, a particular memory they both reminisce on when working on the release is a moment that came after they mastered the production backdrop of “SOS.” All three of the producers started singing various vocal lines that could potentially fit with the track, but Bergling was very particular about how the melody sounded. He proceeded to make Nedler repeat the same line 50 times in a row until they found the perfect intonation for the chorus. Originally they were quite confused as to why Bergling would mandate the same exact line be sung over and over again, but once the intonation was variably changed, it transformed the entire song for them.

Unfortunately, they were not able to record the vocals for the track before Bergling’s passing, but Fogelmark and Nedler set out to create the track in a way that carried out all of Bergling’s original intentions for the song. This included having Aloe Blacc become the lead vocalist for the track.

“I feel like ‘SOS’ was a song that was probably ahead of its time for when he wrote it,” Blacc mentions while discussing working with Bergling and singing on the release.

Fogelmark and Nedler continue to explain that “SOS” is a song that was written in parts, and the listener can actually discern the parts when listening to it very closely. “SOS” is the first single off of Bergling’s forthcoming posthumous album, TIM.

Photo Credit: Sean Eriksson

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