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Check out the funk-infused EP “Love. Death. Funk?” by The Sponges.

The Sponges’ new EP, “Love. Death. Funk?” is taking the electronic music scene by storm. The Canadian duo, Oliver Portamento and Alex Kosterman, have once again proved their prowess in producing dancefloor bangers with their latest release. The EP features four tracks, each with its own unique style and energy.

The EP’s title track, “Love. Death. Funk?” is a groovy tune that is sure to get your body moving. It starts off with a funky bassline and builds up with the addition of a catchy vocal sample. The track then drops into a high-energy, funk-infused melody that is perfect for any party or club setting.

Another standout track on the EP is “Talk About It.” The song features a driving bassline and catchy vocal hooks that will stay in your head for days. The Sponges’ signature funky sound is present throughout the track, and it’s impossible not to dance along to the infectious beat.

“Space Funk ’75” and “Jerry Brain” round out the EP, both showcasing The Sponges’ ability to incorporate various influences into their music. “Space Funk ’75” has a more disco-inspired sound, while “Jerry Brain” features a darker, more ominous tone. Overall, “Love. Death. Funk?” is an impressive display of The Sponges’ versatility and creativity.

Released on April 21, 2023, “Love. Death. Funk?” is already making waves in the electronic music world. With their unique blend of funk, disco, and house, The Sponges have created an EP that is sure to please both fans and newcomers alike. Don’t miss out on this funky journey – give it a listen today.

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