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EDM’s Best: Top 10 SoNgs Right Now

EDM’s Best: Top 10 Songs Right Now

Welcome to the forefront of electronic dance music (EDM), where creativity and innovation converge in our curated selection of the top 10 tracks. Each song on this list epitomizes the genre’s diverse appeal and its profound impact on listeners worldwide. Whether you’re seeking pulsating beats, captivating melodies, or thought-provoking lyrics, these tracks promise to ignite your passion for EDM and showcase its dynamic evolution. Join us as we explore the sounds that are currently shaping the EDM landscape, delivering euphoria, introspection, and pure dance-floor energy in equal measure.

1. Martin Garrix & DubVision – Empty (feat. Jaimes)

Martin Garrix‘s song “Empty,” featuring DubVision and Jaimes, delves into themes of inner turmoil and emotional emptiness. The lyrics depict a profound sense of hopelessness, as the protagonist feels trapped in a state where light and positivity are fading away. Phrases like “dark skies” and the absence of “sunshine” illustrate this bleak outlook on life. The chorus, with lines such as “Don’t reach for my heart, it’s empty inside,” expresses the protagonist’s emotional numbness and serves as a warning to others not to expect emotional connection. The song, characterized by Garrix’s signature electronic production, combines emotive lyrics with dynamic soundscapes, resonating with listeners who have faced similar feelings of disconnection and despair.

2. April Bender & Paul Damixie – Dumb

Dumb,” a collaboration between April Bender and Paul Damixie, delves into the intoxicating allure of physical attraction and desire. The lyrics express a relentless fixation on the object of affection, where thoughts are consumed by the presence of their body. The narrator’s inability to focus or articulate beyond this infatuation underscores the overwhelming effect of their attraction. They describe feeling mesmerized and unable to resist the allure, as if under a spell that heightens their senses and ignites a rush of emotions. The repetitive refrain emphasizes the singular obsession with the other person’s physical presence, conveying a sense of urgency and longing that permeates the entire song.

3. Galantis, David Guetta, & 5 Seconds of Summer – Lighter

Galantis, David Guetta, and 5 Seconds of Summer released the EDM track “Lighter.” The collaboration was unexpected, given the distinct musical styles of the artists involved. “Lighter” is a typical EDM song but stands out with the addition of strings, which add depth and uniqueness. The vocals complement the track perfectly, enhancing its appeal. The lyrics express gratitude, with the speaker feeling more complete and capable of facing life’s challenges thanks to another person’s presence. This sense of appreciation is effectively conveyed through both the musical arrangement and the vocal performance. Overall, “Lighter” is a commendable addition to the EDM genre, likely to be enjoyed by fans of Galantis, David Guetta, and 5 Seconds of Summer, as well as by general EDM and pop music listeners.

4. Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman – In The Sky

Dimitri Vangelis, Wyman, and Mike Perry released their collaboration “In The Sky.” This track combines the talents of these prominent electronic music producers, creating a compelling EDM anthem. The song features a vibrant mix of beats and a notable use of strings that add depth to the otherwise high-energy electronic sound. The lyrics reflect a euphoric and liberating experience, with the protagonist reveling in a moment of bliss and not wanting it to end. Phrases like “we’re spinning around and around” and “I don’t want it to end” capture the essence of this fleeting joy. The pre-chorus and chorus further emphasize this sentiment, with lines like “Hold me close, you’re on my mind” and the repeated chant of “In the sky” highlighting a sense of soaring freedom and emotional elevation. The track’s energetic drop and dynamic production, combined with the emotive vocal delivery, effectively convey the exhilarating feeling of being uplifted and unstoppable. “In The Sky” is a stellar addition to the EDM genre and is sure to resonate with fans of Dimitri Vangelis, Wyman, and Mike Perry, as well as with broader audiences who enjoy dance and electronic music.

5. Victoria Nadine & R3HAB – Feel This Way

Victoria Nadine and R3HAB released “Feel This Way,” a vibrant pop and EDM track that seamlessly blends heartfelt lyrics with energetic beats. The song opens with a catchy da-da-da refrain, creating an instantly memorable hook. In the first verse, Nadine’s lyrics capture the magnetic attraction between two people, filled with fantasies and longing. The pre-chorus uses the metaphor of an endless ocean to describe the depth of emotions, with waves of love that are all-consuming. The chorus emphasizes the unique, indescribable high the protagonist experiences, a feeling only their partner can elicit. The post-chorus repeats the infectious da-da-da melody, ensuring it lingers in the listener’s mind. The second verse deepens the connection, highlighting the physical and emotional intertwining of the lovers. Repeating the pre-chorus and chorus reinforces the song’s central theme of overwhelming passion. “Feel This Way” stands out as a compelling collaboration, showcasing Victoria Nadine’s vocal prowess and R3HAB’s dynamic production, making it a must-listen for both pop and EDM enthusiasts.

6. Heidi Klum – Sunglasses at Night (Cover of Corey Hart’s Hit)

Heidi Klum, famed for her role as host on “Germany’s Next Top Model,” recently made a splash in the music scene with her rendition of Corey Hart’s iconic 1984 hit, “Sunglasses at Night,” produced by none other than Tiësto. Premiering the music video during a recent episode of her popular reality show, Klum effortlessly blends nostalgia with contemporary pop appeal. Known for their occasional forays into music, supermodels often bring a unique perspective, yet Klum’s interpretation shines with its infectious EDM groove and visually arresting visuals. Her dynamic performance and spirited choreography inject a fresh vibrancy into the track, ensuring a memorable experience for viewers. Check out Heidi Klum’s “Sunglasses at Night” video for a delightful mix of retro charm and modern pop allure.

7. Galantis ft. Rosa Linn – One Cry

Galantis‘ “One Cry,” featuring Rosa Linn, released as part of their album Rx, delves into themes of emotional resilience and struggle. The song portrays a journey through hardship, where the protagonist confronts inner turmoil amidst life’s challenges. With a repetitive plea for the lonely and brokenhearted, the lyrics capture a poignant narrative of perseverance. Produced by Bloodshy, David Saint Fleur, VodKa, and Y3LLO KOALA, the track blends pop sensibilities with introspective dance elements. Rosa Linn’s vocals enrich the song’s emotive depth, enhancing its impact as a reflective yet uplifting piece within Galantis’ discography.

8. Sivz – Make It Right

Sivz, known for her dynamic presence in the house music scene, delivers another compelling track with “Make It Right.” As a curator of all things house, Sivz’s latest release showcases her mastery in blending groovy, loungey vibes with the deep, immersive sounds of warehouse techno. With a discography that regularly hits Beatport’s Top 10 and Top 100 house and tech house charts, Sivz’s music resonates deeply with her dedicated fan base and fellow producers alike. “Make It Right” likely exemplifies her signature style: a perfect fusion of minimalism, intricate percussion, and commanding vocals, designed to transport listeners on a journey through the soul of house music.

9. Amiko – Reckless (Sean Finn Remix)

Amiko’s latest release, “Reckless (Sean Finn Remix),” exemplifies her ability to merge vibrant artistry with personal passions. Teaming up with DJ and producer Sean Finn, renowned for his dynamic dance remixes, Amiko has reinvented her original track into a pulsating fusion of energetic beats and captivating melodies. This remix enhances the song’s lively essence, making it perfect for vibrant dance floors. “Reckless” pulsates with an infectious rhythm, capturing the exhilarating unpredictability that defines Amiko’s approach to both music and life. Born in Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan, Amiko’s name, meaning “precious little girl,” resonates with her upbringing as the daughter of an Army Intelligence Officer and a kindergarten teacher. Amiko’s deep-rooted passion for soccer, cultivated since childhood and enriched through coaching, fuels her artistic ambitions to integrate soccer-inspired sounds into her music. Her ultimate aspiration is to perform live at esteemed events such as the Paris Olympic Games and FIFA World Cups, aiming to inspire through her music and sportsmanship.

10. DJ Elmo – Free

DJ Elmo‘s latest track “Free” embodies his signature blend of infectious energy and melodic depth, showcasing his evolution as a prominent figure in the Dublin house music scene. Building on his rapid rise to prominence with previous hits like “Think About You” and “Share Your Love,” which dominated charts and featured prominently on popular shows, “Free” continues his streak of success. Signed under LoudKult, DJ Elmo’s latest release reflects his adeptness at crafting vibrant Deep/Tech-House compositions that resonate with audiences worldwide. With a knack for combining catchy piano chords and groovy basslines, DJ Elmo delivers a track that is both uplifting and dance-floor ready, ensuring it will be a standout addition to his already impressive repertoire. As he continues to garner support from major radio stations and perform at renowned venues across Europe, “Free” solidifies DJ Elmo’s status as a dynamic force in contemporary electronic music.

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