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Josh Rubin Releases New Single “Surrender” via NCS

Josh Rubin has proven himself as a both a powerhouse vocalist and producer within electronic music. Josh has been consistently releasing tracks on esteemed labels such as Monstercat, Seeking Blue, Bassrush, and Welcome Records. However, his primary focus has remained on his artistry, devoting his energy to writing and recording music that resonates with the minds of fellow OVRTHNKRS.

Now, he’s back with a brand new single “Surrender” via NCS that is yet again another solid release for this burgeoning artist. This electrifying track showcases Rubin’s exceptional talent for blending infectious melodies, soul-stirring vocals, and pulsating beats into a sonic experience that is bound to leave you spellbound the whole way through.

Josh Rubin – Surrender: Press Release

This song is about feeling like you’ve hit your lowest point but coming to the realization that you’re ready to completely give yourself to someone. Basically surrendering yourself to this person. You’ve recognized that everything you’ve done up to that point when it comes to love is wrong and you’re trying for the first time to open yourself up and let someone in completely. Your heart is now in their hands.” – Josh Rubin

Surrender” is the second single off of his upcoming EP ‘Playing with Fire’ with NCS. Listen below!

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