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Image of Markus Schulz German DJ singer of The Rabbit Hole Circus

Markus Schulz’s Musical Journe- “The Rabbit Hole Circus”

Enter the mesmerizing universe of Markus Schulz‘s newest creation, ‘The Rabbit Hole Circus.’ Schulz, the genius behind Coldharbour, has been tirelessly working to shape his ninth masterpiece. Over the past two months, he has ignited the curiosity of his fans with a compelling video, presenting a peek into his enchanting musical dimension.

Markus Schulz, in a room bathed in soft light and populated by pure white rabbits, introduces fans to the extraordinary concept of The Rabbit Hole Circus. Soon after, the compelling conductor premiered the full music video for “Eternally,” a captivating piece featuring Diandra Faye’s celestial vocals. This mystical performance opened the curtains to the grand announcement of The Rabbit Hole Circus Tour. Schulz is set to launch this intriguing journey on July 2, in his home city of Miami, FL, at the extraordinary E11EVEN.

During the grand opening, Schulz will weave a spell with his unmatched skills for an impressive eleven-hour performance. With an exceptional line-up including HALIENE, Emma Hewitt, Sarah de Warren, and Adina Butar, the audience will experience a concert that transcends the ordinary. The Rabbit Hole Circus Tour will then charm New York’s Musica on July 29 before culminating at the famous Avalon Hollywood on August 19.

Before you step into the magical world, immerse yourself in the enchanting tunes of The Rabbit Hole Circus, released on Black Hole Recordings. The album features a fantastic medley of collaborations with talented artists like Melody Mane, Pretty Poison, Dan Soleil, Shaun Jacobs, and Radmila Lolly, in addition to the vocalists from the tour.

Celebrating the album’s debut, Schulz threw an exclusive listening party, inviting his dedicated fans to explore The Rabbit Hole Circus’s depths. On release day, he generously provided a window into his artistic process, illuminating the magic that animated this musical wonder.

So, buckle up and let Markus Schulz‘s Rabbit Hole Circus sweep you into a world where music and enchantment merge, dreams meet reality, and extraordinary is standard. The grand show is about to begin, and it’s an experience you won’t want to miss. Welcome to the Rabbit Hole Circus!


Q: What is the concept behind Markus Schulz’s “The Rabbit Hole Circus”?

A: Markus Schulz’s “The Rabbit Hole Circus” is a mesmerizing journey into an enchanting musical realm. It includes a tour and an album filled with collaborations from various artists.

Q: When and where is “The Rabbit Hole Circus Tour” starting?

A: The tour kicks off on Sunday, July 2, at E11EVEN in Miami, FL.

Q: What artists collaborated on the album “The Rabbit Hole Circus”?

A: The album features numerous artists, including Melody Mane, Pretty Poison, Dan Soleil, Shaun Jacobs, Radmila Lolly, and the vocalists from the tour.

About the Artist:

Markus Schulz, an internationally acclaimed DJ and producer, is renowned for his distinctive blend of progressive trance. Known as the mastermind behind Coldharbour Recordings, Schulz has released nine albums, including his latest, “The Rabbit Hole Circus.” His inventive approach to music has captivated audiences globally, and he continues to push the boundaries of electronic music with his mystical themes and immersive live performances.

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