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Rise To Fame: DJ Horizons Incredible Journey

DJ Horizon is one of the most popular R&B/Hip-Hop DJs in the challenging entertainment industry. You may be
wondering why he is making headlines. Is he really a genius on the decks, or did he get lucky? In reality, both are
true. His rising star was fueled by a growing list of festival performances and headlining sets at mainstream clubs in the US. DJ Horizon started his career at the tender age of 14, telling how passionate he is about what he does.
However, getting into the entertainment industry at such a young age did have drawbacks. DJ Horizon says that the
biggest challenge was bullying from the older generation of DJs. Another huge challenge was being trolled on
social media for standing out and taking his brand, DJ Horizon, seriously. He recalls getting hate comments for
taking press-shot photos and doing live videos in his bedroom.

Nevertheless, that did not slow or stop DJ Horizon because he knew that he was destined for something great and
that his skill and talent would one day be recognized and rewarded. This determination started paying off pretty
soon. DJ Horizon became the first Hip-Hop DJ to get signed to Lucky Ent in Australia.
DJ Horizon went on to be signed to Mushroom Group and became the face of Australia’s iconic RNB Fridays Live.
Everything he wanted and dreamed of was now turning into reality. He reminisces about one of the biggest moments in his career, performing in front of 70,000 people in his home city of Melbourne, Australia (Marvel Stadium).

DJ Horizon went from being a bedroom DJ to sipping whiskey with big names in RnB like Trey Songz and Usher.
Soon after, he got signed to Skam Artist in America. He also supported other acts like Drake, Usher, Lil Uzi Vert,
Playboy Carti, A$AP Rocky, Jason Derulo, and many more. With such accomplishments under his belt, it is easy to
assume that he received recognition. DJ Horizon was recently named the most viral DJ on TikTok with over 40
million views. “Your future is based on every decision you make. Don’t hesitate to do it,” he says.
In the last couple of years, DJ Horizon has travelled quite a lot. He has been playing in clubs and events worldwide and he says it is a great feeling to play music for people and see them dance. DJ Horizon wants to improve his skill
and make more money. But that is not the only thing that he is looking at. He wants to positively impact his
community, beginning from his hometown, and inspire younger DJs to chase their dreams.

As far as where DJ Horizon sees his brand and himself in a few years, he reveals that he will be moving to Dubai in
2023 to further his career. This is a smart move, seeing as the city is known for being expensive, luxurious, and
above all, an entertainment hub. However, that does not mean DJ Horizon won’t be back. He says that Australia
will always be home for him.

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