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Rising EDM Star Spence McManus Releases ‘Technological Universe’

Spence McManus, a rising star in the EDM industry, is making waves with his unique blend of
melodic beats and catchy melodies.
Hailing from Miami, the 24-year-old producer and DJ has quickly gained a loyal following thanks
to his high-energy live performances and popular tracks such as ‘Technological Universe’
With a background in music production, Spence has always had a passion for electronic music.

He began DJing at local clubs and festivals in South Florida, eventually building a strong online
presence through his Instagram and TikTok Accounts. His popularity continued to grow, and he soon found himself rising up in the EDM ranks.

Spence’s success has not gone unnoticed in the industry. He has received praise from fellow EDM artists and has been featured on many popular music blogs and magazines. His music has been making waves world wide.

Despite his rising fame, Spence remains down-to-earth and dedicated to his craft. He is always
working on new music and constantly experimenting with different sounds and styles. ‘I just
want to make music that people can dance and have fun’ he says.

Spence McManus is definitely a name to watch in the EDM world. With his talent and dedication, it won't be long before he takes the industry by storm.

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