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Picture of Szarr "Reaching for the Sun"

Szarr On “Reaching for the Sun” And Achieving Freedom Through Music

Swiss singer-songwriter Szarr, known for his exceptional talent, presents his newest single “Reaching for the Sun.” This composition serves as a medium for him to express the anger and frustration accumulated during his arduous hours at a job that failed to match his aspirations. Through the captivating sounds interwoven throughout the track, he liberates these emotions, discovering a profound sense of liberation in crafting the instrumental elements. 

Szarr advises those in similar situations to reflect on what truly makes them feel alive and free and to pursue their passions. He collaborated with Omri Klein on the video, discussing ideas and crafting the visual representation of the song’s story. 

Currently, he is working on his first EP, Idioma, which incorporates diverse cultural influences from his Balkan heritage and Swiss upbringing. He draws inspiration from various artists and producers such as The Weeknd, Rihanna, Stargate, and Calvin Harris. Szarr is also keen to explore genres like Latin vibes, reggaeton beats, trap, and electronic music in his upcoming releases.

See the complete interview below.

Congratulations on “Reaching for the Sun,” a song born from your personal struggles of enduring grueling work hours in a job that doesn’t align with your aspirations. How did you channel that anger and frustration into the track? 

Thank you so much for your kind words. I basically tried to release that anger and frustration with the sounds I used for the track. I opened up my thoughts. Producing and building the instrumental track gave me a sense of freedom. Diving into different sounds made the frustration go away. Then I filled in the words that I had in my mind about how music inspires me and the importance of going after our goals. I hope that everyone who listens to my song resonates with this.

What advice would you offer to people who find themselves trapped in a similar situation, striving to chase their dreams?

To observe and listen to themselves first. I believe deep down we know when and where we are feeling alive and free, in the things we are doing. But many of us, even me sometimes, get caught in what we are supposed to do or not to do. I think it is key to reflect and ask ourselves what is the thing that we love doing and what we want to do in this lifetime.

Can you share your experience of actively collaborating with Omri Klein during the shooting process of the video. Will you continue to be more involved in the visual creation of your next releases?

Working with Omri was very nice. We met a couple of days before the shoot in a cool café and we just talked for hours about life, ideas, my song and pretty much we drafted the video there. It was a very collaborative work between his art and mine. He already had some ideas for the pictures in the video and I had my vision board in my head about how I wanted to tell the story of the song. 

We shot the video in one day. It was intense to capture everything and make it to the beach before sunset, but we made it and I am quite proud of how it turned out. I am always involved in the visual aspects of my music. It goes hand in hand. I love shooting and directing videos to tell my song’s stories and I love being involved with all the pictures I am doing, so I definitely will continue to bring more visuals with my future projects. I already have some in mind.

Having already captivated millions of fans through songs like “Tócame” and “Collide,” what kind of plans do you have in mind for the future? Are there any projects or upcoming singles in the works?

With the release of my new song, “Reaching for the Sun,” I am still working on my first EP, which I will call, Idioma. It’s close to the finish line. I’ve been crafting this piece for almost a year now and I’m super excited to show the world some of my new sounds and visuals with this project.

With a heritage rooted in the Balkans and a childhood spent in Switzerland, you have been immersed in diverse cultural experiences. How has this unique upbringing impacted your style, and how have you integrated these influences into your songs?

I learned to think and look outside the box. I searched for the beauty in diversity and I found it. It is weird but instead of feeling ashamed for no reason, because there is none, I tried to put the diversity of sounds and languages into my songs. I find inspiration in culture and I turn it into a sound or into lyrics. Music has helped me value and embrace my diverse multicultural contexts and the richness of having different perspectives helps me to shape my songs and blend different genres together.

Growing up, who were the artists that played a significant role in shaping your sound? Are there any producers or fellow musicians that you hold in high regard and dream of collaborating with?

There are many! I’ve always loved music in any form and genre. But artists like The Weeknd, Rihanna, and RyX have inspired me a lot. I sometimes float musically through different styles. Producers like Stargate, ILYA, Ryan Tedder, and Calvin Harris have shaped my sound and production so much. Also there are many local producers and artists who inspire me everyday and with whom I would love to collaborate as well. So any collaboration with them would be a dream come true.

Are there any specific genres you’re keen to explore, considering your previous experimentation with dance, pop, and indie?

I’ve done a few trips to South America recently and I’m currently very inspired by Latin vibes and reggaeton beats. So I’ve been definitely exploring these sounds. I am also diving a bit more into trap and electronic music. I think you will get a taste of this with my new EP. 

Watch the official music video here:

Listen to “Reaching for the Sun” below:

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