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The Beautiful Blū Explores The Sonic Universe With “Future Blur”

The Beautiful Blū is a brand new musical group made up of Bill Ryder-Jones (who played with the Arctic Monkeys as a session and touring guitarist), two-time Juno Award (equivalent of a Grammy) nominee Mark Kelso on the drums, and David Baron (who has worked extensively with everyone from The Lumineers to Lenny Kravitz to Lana Del Rey), who are exploring electronic music in a very exciting way. Whether it’s the mesmerizing synth patterns or futuristic lyrical content, the group has already begun to stand out from the rest, and they’re just getting started.

Hot on the heels of soaring debut single “One Final Day”, The Beautiful Blū greatly expands its sonic universe with “Future Blur”, an old-school electronic gem that recalls classics such as Afrika Bambaattaa’s “Planet Rock”, Gary Numan’s “Cars” and even carries elements of Devo and Kraftwerk. It carries a pop element backed by mind warping melodies and spaced out vocal that compliments the song perfectly. It’s the second single off of their forthcoming album ‘iGenocide’ that only leaves fans highly expectant for all that’s in store.

The Beautiful Blū shares more about the concept: “What does the future hold? We tend to assume that everything will be OK. Many of us know the classic experiment that when you put a frog in boiling water it will jump out, but that when you put it in hot water, and then slowly turn the heat up, it will boil to death. Why? Because when things change slowly, we tend to accept the changes, even when the changes are for the worse.

Listen below!

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